Ghana is located in West Africa and has a land area similar in size to the United Kingdom, with whose history it is closely linked through colonial times. The capital of Ghana is the metropolis of Accra and the second city is Kumasi. The official language of the country is English.

Health in Ghana

Many people still die in Ghana because of insufficient or poor medical care.

Children and women often die in childbirth, life expectancy is only 63 years in total.

Malaria is still the most common cause of death in Ghana. This disease is the cause of death in 33% of children under 5 years of age and in 40% of those treated in outpatient clinics.

The travel distance to a doctor or even a hospital are sometimes several hundred kilometres. Then the patients usually have to wait a whole day at the hospitals with many other patients to be treated finally, even if they are in severe pain. Some of the injured have to wait for hours for treatment and usually lie or sit on the floor. Only a small portion of the population has health insurance. Medical care is therefore unfortunately a luxury.

(Source: Federal Office for Migration and Refugees 2014)