Our Mission

Our Mission


A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!”(

(Source: Laozi – Chinese philosopher)

“In Ghana, many women and children still die in childbirth and life expectancy is only 63 years because of inadequate medical care. Children especially under the age of five die of diseases that would not necessarily lead to death if they had access to sufficient medical care particularly linked with malaria.

Through my medical studies in Germany, the differences in medical care compared to that in my home country Ghana has become even more obvious to me. There is a lack of medical resources: medical equipment is scarce, medicines are lacking and qualified personnel are fewer.

Out of this motivation, I started to build a hospital in a suburb of the capital of Ghana a few years ago.

The special thing about the hospital for Ghana would be that children younger than five years old, whose parents cannot afford medical treatment, receive free medical care. Children at that age are particularly susceptible to infectious diseases, as their immune system is not yet fully developed. In Ghana, many children therefore die of malaria – this is the most common cause of death in the country. This is what I would like to prevent in the future with the principle of solidarity medicine”

(Dr. Samuel Okae)