Prysmian Group

For the construction of our hospital in Ghana, the world market leader for power and telecom cable systems donated several drums of data and power cables.

The Multimedia Solutions (MMS) business unit manufactures fibre optic and copper data cables for wired and mobile communications. These are used in data centres and purpose-built buildings such as hospitals, schools and theatres as well as in private homes, offices and factories. – more

Klaus Wegener
Honorary Consul of the Republic of Ghana for NRW/Germany
President e.V.

Mr. Wegener has provided us with a letter of reference, which you can view under the following link more

Hendrik Wilp
Managing Director
Wilp GmbH & Co.

“It’s fantastic to see the power the guys are using on the construction site. The positive attitude is absolutely commendable. And Samuel, alias “The Doctor”, leads the project with such incredible determination – an absolute role model for me. From a European point of view there is still a lot of work to be done, but that simply doesn’t shake anyone there. You can learn a lot from this attitude. As Samuel always says: “If it doesn’t fit, it will be made to fit.”

Dr.-Ing. Frank Neumann
Board of Directors
Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.

Dr. Neumann has provided us with a reference letter, which you can view under the following linkmore

Eva Maria Asante
Head of Language Department
Goethe-Institut Ghana

“The hospital is located in an area known to be poor, but which for me turned out to be developing. The building is next to a beautiful settlement that is already inhabited and others are being built nearby, so the very rural impression will slowly be lost.
The hospital itself is a very nice building from the outside. No other one in Ghana has made such a friendly impression on me. There is also still enough land around the hospital so that one could create a nice garden later.
In the building I was impressed by the high-quality tiling of a few rooms. This kind of tiles is very rare in Ghana. The common rooms in the middle of each floor seem very friendly because of their big windows.

All in all, I had the impression that this architecture could do its part to help someone to get well again. I personally have had the experience where you come out of a hospital in Accra sick, although you went in healthy because everything is so overwhelming. Here I have exactly the opposite impression.
They were very amused about my statement that this will be the most beautiful hospital in Ghana.
Of course we have to continue working. The shell is in place, but the plastering of the walls, the floors, the tiles… will take time and money.”